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The thought behind the Proppro logo was to fill in the gap between conventional brokerage business by bringing in world class technology to the age old Real Estate Brokerage business.


Majority of the top players in the real estate business have zero to no experience about the ground reality in this space. They enjoy leadership when it comes to the on-ground presence, but over time, they also aim to grow themselves in the online space.


Brand Identity, Style Guide


Proppro (short for Property Professionals)


It should have a Global Appeal and it should bring a sense of trust and a real deal in this space.


After several discussions about the creative brief that we received from the client, we brainstormed to consolidate the brand personality into several keywords that best define it. The most representational and visual words are finalized to convey the overall look and feel of the logo.


Client conversations help me understand the keywords which I then facilitate. The next step is to assemble the most coherent words and identify the commonness. It’s all about pairing the right words with the right visual aspect.  

2 - Defining Proppro.jpg

Once the words are grouped, I try to find out the visual images that represent the Elegant Contrast. That's my filter now. There is a logical progression as we don't want to dive into a million of photographs to find inspiration. There is a sense of curation. They all come together and create a certain mood.

It’s Modern and Minimalistic containing several curves.

3 - Mood board.jpg


The next step is to jot down the ideas - right from the generic to the unusual ones, on a piece of paper. After conveying my approach to the client, I create a couple of iterations.


Dissection of the logo for a better understanding.

3 - Sketches.png

After giving one approach to the client, now I dig deeper to create a couple of iterations.

4 - Other Options.jpg


1 - Master Logo.jpg

I give out the explanation of the Logo for better understanding.

5 - Meaning of Logo.png


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Rahul Rattu Logo
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