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This is why I do what I do

“Fantastic job done by Rahul for two of our brand logos. We have worked with some of the best ad agencies in the past and working with Rahul has been an absolute pleasure. We couldn't be happier and more satisfied with the end product. Rahul has been patient all through and his never give up attitude only goes to show how passionate he is about what he does and what he aims to deliver. His work is no less than the most experienced in the industry. We look forward to working with Rahul on many more projects in the future and wishing his all the success he deserve.”

- Shivender Singh, Director of Proppro

“Your logo was very international. I really love both of them, there’s like two different versions, there’s a long form of Lauren Gottlieb and then there’s other one L/G. I have some fun ideas with that kind of make an animation logo. I’m excited to work with you further about creating this animation. You’re awesome!”

- Lauren Gottlieb, Actress & Dancer

“Rahul was attentive and in tune with my needs when designing a logo that perfectly portrays the essence of my project. He provided regular updates during the preliminary design stages and finally gave me three options from which picking my final logo was a difficult task! The options he gave were accompanied by detailed descriptions of his thought process which showed he cared deeply about the work he does as well as a thorough understanding of my goals. I would recommend Rahul to anyone who needs any design work done for their project!”

- Abhishek, Founder of Vancity Metal

“Finally, I presented the gifts to the bride and groom, and not be braggy about it, but I won the crowd. They screamingly loved it. I was overwhelmed with questions as to how did I manage to get this made, how did I design it, etc. and I thought, it wouldn’t have been this special of a gift without the sheer enthusiasm shared by Rahul, to see it as how I would see it when gifting something special to a dear friend, that’s what drew me the most towards Rahul Rattu. My thumbs up and all the best to Rahul Rattu to explore further this new artistic category on how to view fun.”

- Abhishek, Lawyer

Rahul Rattu Logo
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