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We are Real Estate Developers serving both Commercial and Residential Real
Estate across India and other countries for the most hi-end clientele by
providing unique product and premium offering only. We deliver true value to
investors, end-users and space occupiers. We have 23 years of experience and
the living spaces we create are contemporary and ethically designed
developments with highest efficiencies and planning.


Identity & Branding, Style Guide


The House of Construction

Several client meetings help us understand their business and vision better. Our first task is to define the brand identity into keywords in order to work towards a cohesive logo. 

After several discussions about the creative brief that we received from the client, we brainstormed to consolidate the brand personality into several keywords that best define it.

The most representational and visual words are finalized to convey the overall look and feel of the logo.


Client conversations help me understand the keywords which I then facilitate. The next step is to assemble the most coherent words and identify the commonness. It’s all about pairing the right words with the right visual aspect.

3 - THOC Defined.png

After using these two main attributes of the brand ADAPTIVE MODERNISM I work on the stylescapes and create a few variations of the logo. I try to restrict to just one or two logo options, but if the output is too far away, I provide a rough sketch of the final look and feel of the logo before digitizing it.

It’s essential to keep the client looped in between the whole process.

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We used a clean typeface alongside the icon

Dinamika Sans is a sans family of 7 weights ranging from hairline to extra bold. It’s a legible face with straightforward geometry spiced with lovely humanist terminals. Some strokes are cut at an angle to enhance its identity. This typeface is perfect for headlines, big text, branding, logotypes & display usage.

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7 - Master Logo.png


The alternate lock-ups (Clear Version) are intended for use when legibility restriction prevent either preferred version (Master Logo) from being properly applied within the context.

In small spaces, for example, on a pen, do not try to squeeze in the logo with icon. In these spaces, text should read the brand name (The House of Construction).

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"A brand style guide is a rulebook that explains how an organization presents itself to the world through its logo, font and color selections, photography and much more. Put another way, it's a reference tool that helps maintain consistency in what a brand looks, feels and sounds like."


It contains the description of the brand, The master Logo, it's Icon Lockup, Approved colors, Incorrect usage, Brand Typography, etc. Brand Collaterals i.e. Business Card, Envelope, Letterhead, etc. are also a part of this Style Guide.

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Rahul Rattu Logo
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